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You Don't Know Mackerel, Thought You Knew Canned Fish?

Packed during a will like ... mackerel? whereas tuna and salmon reign because the USA's favorite canned seafood and sardines have long been better-known to be convenient and therefore the best healthy alternative, a brand new fish has been swimming upstream and creating a reputation for itself among food lovers.

King Oscar, the leading food whole better-known for its premium canned sardines, has seen AN explosion in demand for its premium canned mackerel fillets. because of superior North Atlantic mackerel fished in King Oscar's ancient fisheries between Noreg and therefore the Faroe Islands, King honor is transferred full new expertise to the canned food aisle of your native merchant.

Mackerel offers the constant firm texture of tuna, with a light style and a strong punch of nutrition.

King honor currently options a full lineup of 4 totally different mackerel fillet recipes, together with skinless and boned fillets in vegetable oil, Mediterranean-style fillets with jalapeno peppers, and even mackerel with vegetable oil and lemon.

The fillets square measure hand-packed and supply a splendidly gentle different to canned tuna. whether or not they are more to a dish, a favorite alimentary paste, or perhaps unfold on a straightforward bruschetta, these square measure a flexible addition to any meal.

For food lovers United Nations agency square measure environmentally-conscious, the new King honor line-up could be a welcome departure from alternative food sources that don't seem to be as environmentally-friendly. Underscoring this idea could be a survey that notes 79 % of shoppers United Nations agency eat food say that property sourcing is a crucial incentive once creating choices at the waiting line.

King honor was recently awarded Marine billet Council (MSC) Chain of Custody certification for its use of property food that's traceable to the supply. MS is one amongst the foremost scientifically revered and consumer-recognized work and provides chain certification programs within the world. because of its ecologically sound practices from fisheries to canneries, all King honor Mackerel Fillet product currently carry the MS blue fish label and also are kosher certified, non-GMO, protein free and packed in reusable, BPA-NI metallic element cans.

"I recognize shoppers square measure attending to love our mackerel," says John Engle, president of King honor USA. "It could be a recent new defy convenient, property and engaging macromolecule. we have a tendency to work particularly exhausting to make sure that our bequest is one amongst respect and take care of the world's oceans, whereas transfer new innovations to the yank diet."

King Oscar's new mackerel lineup is obtainable in stores and online. explore for the KING honor emblem with the blue MS icon thus you recognize you are shopping for the simplest.

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