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Top 5 Healthy Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwi still one of the best fruits, it's healthy and has more benefits to your body, also can help you from diseases
Kiwi also known as a Chinese gooseberry, so let's get started to know more about it:

- It can help you for digestion: that's because it contain fibers found in kiwi fruits, furthermore the kiwi
  Has an enzyme called "actinide", last one can help you for cracking the protein also digestion.

- protect vision: if you face any problem of losing your eyes, maybe kiwi is for you, it can keep your
  Eyes from macular degeneration, it's the biggest problem of blindness, kiwi fruit can reduce
  36% of macular degeneration risk

- have a healthy skin: if you have some skin rush or skin disease, kiwi for you, it has the collagen,
  Last one is the skin support system using vitamin C, which develop and improve the skin textures,
  Remove wrinkless and sun damages also smoke on the skin.

- Better sleep: an Asia pacific journal of the clinical Nutrition published a study said that kiwi
  Can recover and get better sleep quality in adults

- regulate blood pressure: according to a study in 2014 showed that biologically active substances
  In three kiwi per day could lower blood pressure one apple, as a result kiwi fruit can help you
  To get a lower blood pressure, heart attacks.

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